Sunbury non-profit gives needy families Christmas

SUNBURY – “Santa’s Miracle Gift of Giving” of Sunbury is a non-profit organization which wants to help families in need during the holidays.  Ray DeFacis says, “Santa’s Miracle of Gift Giving,” is more than just a gift giveaway, “We try to provide a Christmas for the needy that are struggling during the holidays.”


Their idea of providing a Christmas for a family in need includes presents, necessities and more for each family they help. DeFacis says this is growing, and it’s because of the community “This is our 3rd year now, we always reach out to the community and they’ve been really supportive.”


In the 3 years they’ve been providing for the needy in The Valley they’d grown from helping 2 families per year to 6 this coming year. DeFacis told the story behind why he does this every year, “I had a surgery that had complications and I was unable to go back to work. That first year of Sunbury Santa, and a local business reached out to Tina and I because I had no income, and that was our Christmas for our teenage son.”


Santa’s Miracle of Gift Giving will be having 2 events in early December. On Monday December 4, there is Community Day at Hoss’s and Saturday December 9 at Little Addy’s in Sunbury where you can have breakfast with Santa. You can get information at ‘Santa’s Miracle of Gift Giving’ FaceBook page.

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