Coroner: Korbin Rager had massive dose of Oxy

SUNBURY — Day two is in the books in the Victor Hare trial in Northumberland County Court.  He’s charged in the death of 9-year-old Korbin Rager of Sunbury.
How much Oxycodone was in Korbin Rager’s bloodstream when he died? 12 times the therapeutic level, according to the Montour County Coroner Scott Lynn today.  He said 1200 nanograms per milliliter of the drug were in Rager’s blood, and that 50 to 100 nanograms is the therapeutic range and 200 is toxic.  He said snorting the drug would be one way to receive such a massive dose.  He noted, that was the highest level he’d seen in his career as coroner.
Tomorrow,  more expert testimony is likely as the DNA expert and other lab forensic scientists will testify.
The prosecution is trying to connect Rager and Hare’s use of the same straw to snort the drug.  The Commonwealth could wrap up their case Thursday.  It’s not known if Victor Hare will testify on his own behalf. ’
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