Governor Wolf Talks ‘Vaccine Tourism,’ Traveling for Shot

HARRISBURG – Would you fly to Florida just for the COVID-19 vaccine?

It’s called ‘vaccine tourism,’ and during a news conference Tuesday, Governor Tom Wolf says Pennsylvania currently does not prohibit anyone from going out-of-state to get a vaccine, but you may get denied by other states, “I know Florida has outlawed that, I think some other states have. So at this point, Pennsylvania does not prohibit anybody from going to another state and getting the vaccine, but other states are saying ‘We don’t want you to come here for the purpose of getting the vaccine.'”

The governor says he’s ‘convinced’ every state, including Pennsylvania, is being fairly allocated vaccine supplies, because the formula has been based on population.

So the governor says he’s not sure why residents would want to go to another state, “The systems that we’re deploying here are again, putting us in the middle of the pack. Unless there’s something really unbelievably good about the efficiency of some other state, I’m not sure what you gain from doing that.”

Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam added the state doesn’t want Pennsylvanians to feel they have to leave to get a vaccine, and the state has to ‘rise to the challenge.’

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