UCCAN Informing Motorists of Unnecessary Noise

UNION COUNTY – The group Union County Citizens Against Noise wants to make everyone aware of ultra loud, illegally modified motorcycles and trucks, and that there are already laws against that:

One of the members talks about the group, saying “UCANN was formed to raise awareness about the noise problem from the illegally modified exhaust system. We experience a great deal of anxiety and stress from the noise and decided to look into it and that led to UCANN being formed as we heard about other people that were having the same problems”

The UCCAN group says they want to inform drivers about federal, state and local laws and ordinances about noise and they talk about why the laws aren’t being enforced.

One member from Mifflinburg says noise becomes unwanted when it interferes with sleeping or worsens our health and quality of life, They also said that exposure to excessive noise could lead to hearing loss, Tinnitus (ringing in the ear), sleep deprivation, Aggressive behavior, and Mental Health impairment among other things.

They say clubs, organizations, and informal groups across Union country interested in learning more about the topic can request a power point presentation free of charge.

To schedule a presentation by emailing UCCANPA@gmail.com or by calling 570-716-1336.

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