Sunbury Code Office Walks Entire City for Rules Violations

Sunbury Code Enforcement ‘Looking’ for Violations

Sunbury Property Owners Given Timetable to Fix Violations

SUNBURY – This past week, Sunbury Code Enforcement Officers took to the streets to look for code violations throughout the city. Jeffrey Wojciechowski, of the Sunbury Code Enforcement Officer, said they feel as though they were lenient this past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He says with the world returning to normal, they want to get back in the community and make sure everything is safe, “I want to make sure the things that we don’t see, we saw those things this week. We found things that we have been driving past probably for years. It’s bad that we did it, but we are correcting it. We are seeing things, now we know where to look and what to see.”

Wojciechowski says they were looking for certain safety issues pertaining to high grass, weeds, peeling paint, blight, trash, and broken sidewalks.

They even looked for areas on where shade trees could be added, “We walked every single sidewalk. We addressed the shade trees in town. We are giving property owners 365 days to address their sidewalks for safety.”

Wojciechowski is willing to work with the citizens of Sunbury himself. With the city’s open door policy, you can go to Jeff, and talk to him directly about any code safety concerns, “At least once a week I have a renter come in and say ‘Hey Jeff, can you help me?’”


“Always! My door [is always open], even during covid. I will go outside and I’ll meet the citizens of Sunbury. I’ll come out and look at their pictures on their phones. I’ll call their owners and say ‘Hey, I see this, and you have to address this as soon as possible.”


You can hear more from Wojciechowski on the WKOK Podcast page.

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