Sunbury attorney to file suit against Wood-Mode to get 401K’s, pensions


KREAMER – Frustration from former Wood-Mode employees, who still have not received their pensions or 401Ks, has prompted a Sunbury attorney to file a suit against the former company.


Sunbury attorney Joel Wiest tells WKOK he plans to file the suit by the end of the week in Snyder County Court if employees still don’t have those benefits paid out to them, “The management of the former Wood-Mode has failed and refused to meet their duty of ensuring that the monies are release. It appears all is needed is a statement from the former management that the monies should be released.”


Before making the decision, Wiest took a poll from the former workers on a private Facebook page to seek interest in pursuing the monies in court. But Weist says the suit is mainly a court order to get the owed monies to former employees, “Instead, I’d be filing probably what’s called an action in mandamus. Mandamus means we’re asking the court to make them do something, and what we’d be asking the court to do would be to make them do whatever is necessary to get the pension and 401K monies released.”


Wiest says he would be surprised if the suit negatively affected a potential sale, “The whole reason I haven’t filed anything to date and these people have gone through all this without their money is that no one wants to screw up a potential sale. For the life of me, I can’t figure out a reason why an action of mandamus would have anything to do with a potential sale.”


Wiest says when a suit is filed, future proceedings would be up to the courts.

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