Summer Music Series Continues in Selinsgrove Commons

SELINSGROVE – Selinsgrove Commons is a popular music venue this year . . . The Rudy Gelnett Summer Music Series has been delighting area music lovers for years. Previously held under at Pump House Park gazebo, this year’s performances have been drawing crowds to the Commons every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-8 p.m.

Carol Handlan, Vice President of Selinsgrove Projects Incorporated, said the change of venue has been surprisingly successful,”Over two hundred people one night on a little comins and people are just loving it. Going down town and supporting our businesses. They’re walking out to get drinks, ordering dinner and bringing it to the comins to eat because the burous are very nice and offering tables for dining pleasure.”

Handlan said music in the Commons is popular on Saturdays as well,”We also have music on Saturdays at our farmers market. And that runs all the way through to the end of November with a one in December, and they have music! Live music every single week.” – Handlan

You still have plenty of time to enjoy all your favorite local acts – like the ever-popular Ann Kerstetter Band – as series performances are scheduled through August 26. This week, The Shoreliners take the stage Tuesday at 6:30 and Trainwreck Survivors will play Thursday evening.

You can visit for the summer music schedule, and hear more from Handlan on our podcast page.

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