State Tries to Expedite Vaccinations with New Orders for Providers

HARRISBURG— The cries of frustrated Pennsylvania residents have been.  Pennsylvania’s Acting Health Secretary Alison Beam announced Friday several new orders to help those who are eligible and want to get a COVID-19 vaccination.   First, vaccine providers must use 80 percent of their first doses within seven days of delivery.  And, starting next Friday, vaccine providers need to provide phone appointment scheduling with a person on the other end as well as online options.  Beam says providers should only be giving vaccines to those currently eligible.

“In Phase 1A, being what is existing in the commonwealth right now, and so to the extent that a provider would jump into a later phase, they could see a future allocation be tapered respectfully of that behavior,” Beam said.

Also in the new orders:  vaccine providers giving a two-dose vaccine should provide a reminder card with a date for second dose appointment.  The health secretary says if these new orders are not adhered to,  providers may have their allocations of vaccines reduced.


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