State Prison Sentence for Shamokin Woman Charged with Assault at Geisinger

DANVILLE — A Shamokin woman who hit a Geisinger emergency room employee while being discharged from mental health care was given a state prison sentence on Monday.  The Press Enterprise reports that 32 year old Stormie Birster,  will spend one to two years in prison for the assault on tech staffer Colleen Powell in March 2022.  Birster plead guilty to simple assault in the Montour County case in exchange for a felony charge of aggravated assault being dropped by prosecutors.
She is already jailed in Northumberland County awaiting court action later this month on other criminal cases. They include charges of stealing a Shamokin city police car and broadcasting over the police radio the police chief was dead “and someone needs to check on him.

In another incident, Birster was charged with attempting to escape from the Northumberland County women’s jail by climbing onto the fence last spring.   In addition to prison time, Norton ordered her to pay a $500 fine.

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