State Police Report: Record Number of Gun Checks So Far This Year

PA Headlines 4/7/21

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — WHTM is reporting…The Pennsylvania State Police announced that the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) again set a record for activity in the first quarter of 2021. This is the third quarter in a row that a record amount of activity has been reached.  Established in 1998, PICS is used by county sheriffs, chiefs of police of cities of the first class, and licensed firearms dealers in Pennsylvania to determine an individual’s legal ability to acquire a license to carry firearms or obtain a firearm through a purchase or transfer.

There were 427,450 PICS checks conducted from January 1 to March 31, 2021. For reference, there were 304,879 checks conducted during the same period in 2020. There were 420,581 checks in the fourth quarter of 2020, and 406,151 in the third quarter of 2020.  There were 6,444 individuals denied, and several thousand applicants were subsequently referred to local or state law enforcements..

In Pennsylvania, a person commits a felony of the third degree if they make a false oral or written statement on any federal or state agency form or willfully presents false identification that is likely to deceive a firearm seller, licensed dealer, or licensed manufacturer. When an individual provides false information on a state and/or federal form, an investigation is initiated, and an investigation referral is sent to the corresponding law enforcement agency. Individuals may also be identified as having an active warrant for their arrest during the background check process.

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — AP is reporting…The husband of a Pennsylvania appellate judge who is running for the state’s highest court began serving a prison sentence Tuesday in a long-running case involving taking money from an elderly woman’s trust fund to benefit several political campaigns and a charity connected to his wife.

Charles McCullough’s incarceration comes as voters decide whether to back his wife, Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough, in her bid for an open seat on Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court.  Patricia McCullough is seeking the Republican nomination in May 18′s primary election against two fellow Republican judges, Commonwealth Court Judge Kevin Brobson and Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Paula Patrick.

Her husband’s criminal case has yet to emerge publicly as a campaign issue in a significant way — if at all — even though Patricia McCullough’s name surfaced in court testimony and newspaper stories about it going back more than a decade.  But state Republican Party committee members raised the case during closed-door endorsement meetings earlier this year and it weighed on their decision, said one.  “No question about it,” said Dick Stewart, who is co-chair of the party’s central caucus. “She got next to zero votes at the full meeting.”  The state party went on to endorse Brobson.

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