PA Game Commission offers information on Chronic Wasting

HARRISBURG— The Pennsylvania State Game Commission has several means for hunters this year to get information about Chronic Wasting Disease or CWD, which is affecting deer in much of the state.  State Game Warden Jared Turner says CWD is transferred from deer-to-deer, affecting the animal’s brain.  There is no cure and the deer will die from it.  He told us where the disease can be found:

“All over the southern and western parts of the state but it has been moving northward in recent years.  It has gotten all the way up into our area.  We’ve had a couple of positive cases pop up in Snyder County,” Turner said.

Turner added that the Susquehanna River is the eastern boundary of the current disease management area.  The game commission has a hotline, website, e-mail and app set up for hunters who want to get more information.  Those are listed at  Hunters who harvest a deer within the disease management area can drop off the deer head and the commission will test it free of charge.

Hotline:  1-833-INFOCWD (463-6293)

E-mail:  [email protected]



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