Snyder County Vaccination Clinic Teeming with Activity

Photo: Dara Schiedler; L-R is Snyder County Sheriff John Zechman, Snyder County Emergency Management Director Derick Shambach, and SC EMA Administrative Assistant Trish Treaster.

SELINSGROVE – A small building on the campus of the Selinsgrove Center is teeming with area residents, all quickly moving through Snyder County’s coronavirus vaccination clinic.

Francis Tapia of Union Snyder Agency on Aging was one of the many volunteers on hand Friday morning, which now serves any resident from any county, “This is not really anything to play around with, and it’s important for everyone to do their part and participate, get vaccinated, just so we can return back to normal.”

In line for his own vaccination, Gary Cutler said his symptoms included loss of hair and dry skin, but lung issues have had him on oxygen for more than four months now, “Breathing is the biggest problem. It’s the worst thing. Really, a few aches and pains, things like that. It’s nasty stuff”

Snyder County Emergency Management Director Derick Shambach spent countless hours establishing the clinic, meeting with numerous state officials to secure the thousands of Moderna doses being administered Fridays and Saturdays over the next six weeks.

Shambach said it’s easy to get your vaccine,”We’re giving the Moderna vaccine, Fridays and Saturdays from 8:30 to 1. You can sign up online on our County webpage or you can go to the Snyder County Emergency Management Facebook page. The links are posted every Monday for the new clinic.”

Second doses will be scheduled automatically. For more information or to schedule your first dose, visit

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