Rocking Red with Kindness for Healthy Hearts


SUNBURY–  A big effort is under way this month to not only help your heart health, but do it by being kind and helping others.  The Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way and Evangelical Community Hospital have teamed with school districts, community partners, libraries, and businesses to help promote kindess as a way to have heart health.

United Way Senior Director of Community Impact and Development Stacey Piecuch says a study by the Mayo Clinic and Cedar Sinai showed that physical acts of kindess help.

“We know that people who are older than 55 who volunteer have a lower likelihood of early death regardless of their lifestyle.  Your blood pressure is lower when you are volunteering or when you are giving acts of kindness.  There are physical health benefits when you doing kindness acts and when you are doing for others,” she said.

Piecuch was on WKOK Sunrise with United Way CEO Joanne Troutman who added that a reminder about our interactions with others is important now since our interactions have been limited in the last year:

“It doesn’t only make other people feed good, but when you are kind it makes you feel good.  It lifts the spirits, it helps the health, it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself and others,” she said.

Piecuch talked about how her organization and the hospital teamed up this year to present not only a month for healthy hearts but also a month to Be Kind.  As part of the Be Kind monthlong campaign, the United Way is honoring nominees for different kindness that has been shown during the pandemic.


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