6/24/22 Mark & Ben host CSVT chat with PennDOT’s T. Deptula, then do remembrances of Agnes flooding

Newsradio 1070 WKOK
Newsradio 1070 WKOK
6/24/22 Mark & Ben host CSVT chat with PennDOT's T. Deptula, then do remembrances of Agnes flooding

8:32am Ted Deptula, PennDOT, Assistant Construction Engineer, on the new CSVT bridge public event Saturday.  Bikers and walkers will be able to be on the new bridge from 10am to 3pm.

9:06am Remembering the flooding of Agnes in 1972:

Tom Morgan, radio man, legacy broadcaster, 94KX personality, on this flooding experience in 1972 in Wilkes-Barre. He’ll talk about the ‘tidal wave’ that eliminated his home, and why a Little League jersey is framed on his office wall (and not an homage to his LL playing).

Than Mitchell, Winfield, radio man, legacy broadcaster, lives in the flood plain, on his recollections of Agnes. The June 1972 broadcasts, initially from Sunbury, then he was flown to Blue Hill to broadcast directly from the transmitter site. We’ll play an excerpt of his broadcast and talk about the critical power of communication during times of crisis.

John Moore, newspaper man, legacy author, reported for the Daily Item in 1972, took the globally seen photo of flood waters at the very top of the flood wall in Sunbury, on his recollections, the scene in Sunbury and around the Valley at that time, and his reporting on Agnes.

Several callers add their recollections of Agnes as well.

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