Peaceful protest cut short by threats of a drive-by shooting

SUNBURY – Some students at Shikellamy High School participated in the national school walkout Wednesday. An estimated 200 students came pouring out of the school at 10am. Shikellamy Senior Heather Beveridge led the group of protesters in a moment of silence for those who have fallen, and then addressed the crowd, “Let this walk out today, be a symbol of remembrance, and a sign for us to be aware of what’s going on, and to be forces of change within ourselves.”

Beveridge told WKOK that she thinks the shootings and the response her generation has had to them has only begun, “The New York Times called our generation, ‘The Generation of Mass Shootings,’ and I believe that that statement struck a chord with a lot of people, because this issue is something that’s recurring and I think it’s really important that students can gather together to recognize the issues and to take action within ourselves.”

After about seven minutes into the walk out, Sunbury Police ordered the students to return to the school stating a threat was made against the school. Police and school faculty escorted the students back into the school where they finished the protest in the auditorium.

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