PA Move Over Law Reminds Motorists of Safety Requirements

HARRISBURG – Motorists will face increased penalties through Pennsylvania’s Move Over Law for not ‘moving over’ when approaching an emergency response area.

PennDOT Safety Press Officer (District 3-0) Kimberly Smith discussed the revamped law recently on WKOK’s Sunrise, “It’s making it so that you have to legally move over to another lane to allow them the space they need to work safely, if it’s safe for you to get over to another lane. If no lane is available, then you need to reduce your speed to about 20 mph below the speed limit. It’s just about giving those people the space they need and having you slow down in case something does happen.”

The reminder comes during Work Zone Awareness Month and Smith says we also need to remember that these workers are members of our local communities, “You know, I do focus a lot on our road construction workers, but it’s also our emergency responders, our trash pickup drivers, tow trucks. Those people all need to work alongside the road as well, so that Move Over Law is really about protecting them.”

And, as the summer travel season approaches, Smith reminds motorists about simple safety tips when approaching work zones, “Slow down as you approach the work zone, avoid your distractions, put down your coffee, don’t look at your cell phone,” she says. “Increase your following distance so that you’re further behind the vehicle in front of you that gives you more time to react. We want you to expect the unexpected. You don’t know what’s going to be happening in a work zone so you really need to be paying attention.”

Smith adds that motorists should also turn on their headlights, which allows other cars to see you better.

She says is a great resource for up to date travel information through the website and mobile app. She says it can create personalized traffic updates, travel conditions, special project alerts and more. You can hear the full interview with Smith on the WKOK Podcast page.

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