Northumberland and Montour Counties with High COVID Levels

Associated Press

ATLANTA – Two Valley counties are now experiencing ‘high’ levels of COVID spread in the past week. The CDC updated on its website Friday Montour County remains in the high category, and Northumberland County is experiencing ‘high’ spread of the virus for the first time in weeks.

There are 14 total counties with ‘high’ levels. The CDC has been recommending masking indoors in counties with ‘high’ levels. Union and Snyder counties remain in the ‘medium’ category. 30 counties remain in this category. 21 counties are in the ‘low’ category of COVID spread.

This comes as the state Department of Health continued reporting spikes in cases in its weekly update Wednesday, including over 24,000 new cases statewide, and 374 in the Valley, including 188 new cases in Northumberland County and 62 in Montour.

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