After Two Decades, ‘Date Certain’ for PA’s Rollout of Real ID

HARRISBURG – WHTM is reporting… There’s a new start date to get your “Real ID” in Pennsylvania… again.  “Real ID” is typically added to a driver’s license and will be required for boarding planes and for other federal purposes.

The new date for “Real ID” enforcement is May 7 of 2025, which will be 20 years after the original “Real ID” law passed.  When the “Real ID” enforcement begins, you will need one to board a plane or to enter a federal facility or military base, PennDOT says.

You will NOT need one to drive, vote, access hospitals, visit the post office, access courts  There have been over a million Real IDs issued by PennDOT to date.  For more information about getting a “Real ID” in Pennsylvania, visit PennDOT’s website.

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