‘Milton in Motion’ has been revamped

MILTON – A program combining fitness, history and culture is back in use. “Milton in Motion” has been revamped with the creation of the “Ready Set Fit” app. It was created by Bucknell University students and faculty.

Bucknell professor of humanities Katie Faull, “The way the app is built is you can very easily construct a path to walk using readily available tools like Google Maps. That path is accessed then by the software in the app.”

The app will soon be available for iPhone and android users. Faull says the project idea first came about as a way to try and stop the growing opioid problem, “The idea in the beginning for the app was a physician might be able to prescribe this app and prescribe exercise for people to get them off pain killers.”

The project was also sponsored by Degenstein Foundation and consultations with Geisinger Health System.

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