Mike Molesevich of Lewisburg is running for US congress


Photo provided

Photo provided

LEWISBURG – In the 10th US congressional district in our Valley, a Democratic candidate for congress has stepped forward.  Mike Molesevich, a former mayor and borough council member in Lewisburg, announced over the weekend, he is seeking a write-in nomination.

Molesevich told people at the Union County Democratic Committee dinner, there is a need in a democracy to make sure every office holder is held responsible for their statements and actions while in office, “No candidate should go unchallenged.  I am offering voters a choice.”

Molesevich says he has to get at least 1,000 write-in votes in the  April 26th Pennsylvnia primary. He says Democratic committees in the 15 counties of the 10th district will have to help get out the word about his write-in campaign.  Molesevich hopes to face US Congressman Tom Marino (R-10th, Cogan Station) in the fall election.

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