Long-Term COVID Symptoms Addressed in New Rehab Program

LEWISBURG – Evangelical Community Hospital recently rolled out a rehabilitation program for patients with long-term COVID symptoms. They say everything from fatigue, joint pain and shortness of breath to cognitive and sleep difficulties are addressed.

Director of Rehabilitation, Kara Rothermel, said, “We can work with patients on range-of-motion exercises and strengthening exercises, combining that with breathing exercises to improve their function.”

According to Susan Telmanik-Schwartz, Director of Cardiopulmonary Services, referrals to a variety of specialists may be used in conjunction with physical and occupational therapy to treat a multitude of symptoms: “We want to treat the whole patient and make sure they get back to a level that they feel comfortable in their everyday lives.”

To hear the WKOK Sunrise podcast featuring more information on the rehabilitation program, visit here.


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