Local Lewisburg Area Businessman Being Remembered

WEST MILTON – A successful and well known businessman from The Valley is being remembered as an ambitious, real gentleman. Art Keister of West Milton died this week, he was 63-years-old.

Family and friends tell us he was ambitious, but a gentleman first and foremost. He may be perhaps best known as the developer of the Silvermoon complex and neighboring properties, but had many other endeavors during his lifetime.

His family wrote, “Arthur’s work ethic and tenacity will forever have a profound impact to this community. His deepest loves were for his family and his work.”

Peggy Rathfon, a former account executive at Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation told us, “He was a kind, gentle soul, and a real family man.”

Art Keister is survived by his parents, his wife Sandy, and three adult children. Services are scheduled for January 5, at the Revival Tabernacle in the Milton/Watsontown area.

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