Woman Facing Drug, Prostitution, Child Endangerment Charges

LEWISBURG — A 44-year-old Lewisburg woman has been charged with illegal drug, prostitution and child endangerment charges following of a series of incidents in April at her Lewisburg apartment. Court documents say Kimberly Rexroad has been charged and is now jailed in Union County Prison in lieu of $20,000 bail.

Court documents say Rexroad was found to be in possession of two THC vape cartridges, six packets of heroin and fentanyl. Two children, ages 8 and 17 were also in the home.

Police said there was a time the teenager was taken to the hospital for treatment of a suspected overdose and was placed in a drug rehabilitation facility at one time. Court documents say there were other times the teen was caught with drugs at school.

Children and Youth also reported to police Rexroad is active on an “escort” website. Rexroad denied ever bringing men to her apartment, but later admitted to participating in online escort services because she ‘couldn’t get a job anywhere.’

Court documents say both children are now in foster care.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for June 6 before Lewisburg District Judge Jeff Rowe.

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