Lewisburg Starts Piers Art Park Stormwater Improvement Project

Lewisburg Piers Art Park, Photo Courtesy of Lewisburg Neighborhoods

LEWISBURG – A $700,000 project is underway in Lewisburg, but you might have to go off the beaten path to see it. At the Piers Art Park, work is underway on a renovation that is essentially a storm water management project.

Taylor Lightman of Lewisburg Neighborhoods said, “It has a very cool industrial history.  We are doing a really forward thinking project.  We are blending heritage in celebrating our industrial past with these industrial piers and highlighting them and then also doing something forward looking. We are recreating the park to reestablish the flood plain.”

Lightman told us eventually they’ll be replanting trees and making other improvements. He said this is another project in Lewisburg to reduce flooding, “If you look at any project that Lewisburg Borough has done in the last five years, there is always a stormwater component to it. Flooding is something that we contend with a great deal.”

He said the improved area will include a new, smaller event space and will serve as another small venue. It will also still be an area for free parking downtown. The Piers Art Park is at the rear of several businesses along Market Street, Sixth Street and Cherry Alley.  You can read more about Lewisburg Neighborhoods mission and work at www.lewisburgneighborhoods.org

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