Lewisburg Man Makes Threats with Knife Inside Fast Food Restaurant

KELLY TOWNSHIP — A knife-brandishing suspect has been charged after allegedly causing a disturbance inside of a fast-food restaurant in Union County.  The Standard Journal reports that 68-year-old Ronald Shumate of Lewisburg has been charged with terroristic threats, recklessly endangering another person and disorderly conduct. The charges were filed as the result of an incident which occurred March 22nd at McDonald’s in Kelly Township.  Troopers said that they were called to the scene after receiving reports that Shumate was inside of the business, making threats to himself and when they arrived Shumate brandished a knife and began yelling.  Shumate allegedly ignored commands to drop the knife and told troopers to “shoot and kill” him.  Troopers said that they had to use the taser to subdue Shumate and prevent him from harming himself any further.

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