Former ICU Nurse, Volunteers, Provide Weekly Meals for ICU









Photos courtesy of Margaret Reed

DANVILLE – “We know you are in there. We care. You are appreciated, and we thank you,” so said the coordinator of a weekly program to provide meals for the staff of Geisinger Danville’s Intensive Care Unit.

Fran Zartman of Sunbury, a former ICU nurse, started providing meals for her former colleagues several weeks ago. She said they are working double shifts and extra hours and are appreciative that someone recognizes their work.

Trinity Lutheran Church in Danville provided meals last weekend. Volunteer Edna Seitz-Ulrich said they dropped off 100-hoagies, and, “We did bananas and apples, Clementine’s and pears. We did individual bags of snack items, trays of Christmas cookies.

Seitz-Ulrich agreed with Zartman, the staff there is working tirelessly under grueling conditions, and needs to know we know you are in there, we care, and you are appreciated, “I think it’s a small token of appreciation for people who have really dedicated, saving lives, sacrificed their own safety, and well-being.”

In addition to Trinity Lutheran, other churches involved so far include Catawissa Avenue United Methodist Church Sunbury, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church Sunbury, and Christ Community United Methodist Church, Selinsgrove.

Zartman noted, the ‘Five Days in May’ documentary was just a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the incredible volumes of patients they are serving now. She said the intensity and workload have doubled, and redoubled. Zartman encouraged the public to keep the ICU staff in mind, and in their prayers.

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