Dr. Rachel Levine Defends Indoor Dining Mitigation Again

HARRISBURG – During a recent news briefing, Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine defended the state’s latest mitigation efforts, shutting down indoor dining until after the New Year.

When asked about restaurants defying those orders, Dr. Levine says its counterproductive to the community’s public health, “There is robust evidence for the last six months or more about the spread of this virus for indoor dining in restaurants. There have been many articles that have been published by the CDC as well as other academic articles.”

Continuing to be pressed on questions about the evidence, Dr. Levine continued to point to national articles.

But Dr. Levine then says the fall surge has made it impossible for state contact tracers to get specific location information, “And so our case investigations and contact tracing now are prioritized to nursing homes, to corrections, to schools, and prioritized to seniors. But the data we have is valid, and thus the mitigation efforts we put into place.”

The state’s latest restrictions don’t allow indoor dining until after 8 a.m. January 4.

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