Diocese of Harrisburg Reinstating Obligation to Attend Mass August 15


HARRISBURG – Catholics in the Diocese of Harrisburg are being called to return to Mass in person, if they haven’t done so yet. Bishop Ronald Gainer announced Thursday the Diocese is reinstating the obligation to attend Mass in person on Sundays and Holy Days, effective August 15.

The dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass was put in place in March 2020 due to the developing COVID-19 pandemic.

While the obligation is being restored, it does not apply to those who are seriously ill or who have a serious health risk- that includes those receiving therapies that suppress immunity, as well as those who have serious anxiety because of large groups. The obligation also does not apply to those who care for loved ones who cannot attend Mass in person. Catholics who meet these criteria are urged to spend time in prayer, meditating on the Death and Resurrection of the Lord, reading the Sacred Scriptures and viewing a broadcast of the Mass.

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