Despite challenges, Selinsgrove Pool has opened for short season

Photo courtesy Selinsgrove Pool

SELINSGROVE – After waiting on guidelines to see if pools would be allowed to open for the summer due to the coronavirus pandemic, Selinsgrove Area Recreation Inc. also discovered the Selinsgrove Community Pool would need repairs.  Karen Buch is secretary of the board and said they were pleased to be able to open, but are facing challenges before next year’s season.


Buch said, “The challenge that we faced in May when we took the pool cover off, it was missing a lot of water. We knew that there was a leak happening and after some emergency meetings and assessments, we realized there is a leak that needs to be repaired and we were faced with that decision.


The board had to decide whether to scrap this year’s pool season and make the repairs, or to open with a temporary fix.  Buch said, “The board did vote unanimously to open the pool with a temporary patch and some valve repairs that were necessary.”


“The price tag though of the full renovation that we are facing is about $200,000, which we need to raise to be able to do a long term fix and some other renovations that will allow us to open next year and hopefully have a good surface for the next 15 years,” she said.


Buch said they couldn’t do it without the committee working to make sure the pool, that has been open for more than 50 years, is well taken care of.  She said, “A board of volunteers has taken over the day to day management of the pool and being able to keep the pool running and do the fundraising that is necessary to be able to operate this for the community.”


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