Dept. of Health Senior Advisor: Vaccine Supply Will Ramp Up Soon

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania’s vaccine supply may look bleak now, but it won’t be long before more appointments can be made again. During a press briefing this week, Department of Health Senior Advisor Lindsey Mauldin says the Biden Administration is sending more vaccine directly to retail pharmacy partners next week.

Mauldin says that new supply will be in addition to the current vaccine allotment for Pennsylvania vaccine providers, “We’re currently sending 36% of Pennsylvania’s allotment of Moderna vaccine to the retail pharmacy partnership locations. We have to wait and see how many doses will be directly sent to Topco and Rite Aid locations, but this will hopefully mean in the near future we can start to send those vaccines for other parts of our mission to vaccinate more eligible Pennsylvanians.”

She says that means, in theory, this new supply going to pharmacies from the federal government is intended for administration of more first doses. That means the amount of appointments available for those currently eligible should double.

But meantime, Mauldin says we all just have to sit tight, “Right now, the demand for vaccine, far outweighs the supply, but it will catch up. There will be enough vaccine available in the future to vaccinate everyone. We must be patient.”

For this week, Mauldin says the state is set to receive over 166,000 more doses to give as first doses. Another set of over 139,000 doses is also on the way this week for those receiving their second dose.


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