Over 1,400 New Statewide COVID Cases, Highest Increase Since Late May

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HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania now has its highest set of new statewide COVID cases since late May, as the delta variant continues spreading. In its update Tuesday, the state Department of Health says there were 1,442 new cases, and 1,228,961 Pennsylvanians have contracted the disease since the pandemic began.

Locally, there were 18 new cases over the weekend, 10 of those in Montour County and they’ve reached  2,027 total cases since the start of the pandemic. Northumberland County has five new cases for a total of 9,783 cases, and Snyder County has three new cases and a total of 3,707. Union County has no new cases, remaining with 6,199 total. The state says the majority of people who contracted coronavirus, 97%, have fully recovered.

The department also says there are now 563 statewide hospitalizations – that’s 56 more than listed Friday – including 110 in the ICU and 61 on ventilators. In local hospitals, Geisinger Danville remains with six total COVID patients admitted. Two of those are in the ICU and one person is on a ventilator.

Geisinger Shamokin still has one new patient, who is the ICU.  Evangelical Community Hospitals has no COVID patients at this time, they recently completed a one year period when there was at least one person admitted with the coronavirus.

There were 11 new deaths reported statewide for the virus in Monday’s update, for a total of 27,868 since the pandemic began.  There were no new deaths locally; In Union County, they’ve had 90 deaths since the start of the pandemic; Northumberland County remains with 365 total deaths, Snyder County remains with 86 total deaths, and Montour has 67 deaths.

Locally in vaccine data, 198 more doses were administered in our region. Northumberland County residents received 87 doses, with a total of 78,230 doses (40,438 fully vaccinated, 37,792 partially). Snyder County residents received 41 more doses, for a total of 27,090 (13,581 fully, 13,509 partially).

Union County residents received 50 of the doses and now have 34,273 total doses (17,312 fully, 16,961 partially), and Montour has 20 more doses and 22,493 total doses (11,269 partially, 11,224 fully). In statewide vaccine data, 63.2% of the population 18 and older are fully vaccinated, and 5.7 million people total are fully vaccinated. Over 11.6 million total doses have been administered as well.

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