Court of Common Pleas Judge is ADA Brian Kerstetter’s Aim

LEWISBURG – Union and Snyder County voters will be choosing candidates for the 17th Judicial District Court of Common Pleas during the primary election this Tuesday and Attorney Brian Kerstetter hopes to receive the nomination for judge.

Kerstetter, of Lewisburg, says most of the cases that come through the Common Pleas Court involve criminal and family law, which matches the majority of his legal experience. Born and raised in Lewisburg, Kerstetter has been focusing on family law since opening his private practice in 1999 and is an attorney for the Snyder and Union County domestic relations offices. He says he has served as a Snyder County Assistant Public Defender, and currently is the county’s Assistant District Attorney.

Beyond his extensive experience, Kerstetter believes he has the skills necessary to sit on the bench: “Be impartial, be firm but fair, be objective, be respectful, work hard, strictly interpret the federal and state constitutions and don’t legislate from the bench.”

A registered Republican, Kerstetter cross-filed as a Democratic candidate, seeking nomination as a non-partisan judge. He said, “This is an apolitical position. We have to judge every case based on the facts that are presented in the courtroom, and not based on any sort of political affiliation. Nobody else is going to be able to say they have the depth of experience that I have. So, on Tuesday, I’d ask all your voters to consider me for their vote.”

To learn more about Kerstetter and his candidacy, listen to his full On The Mark interview on our podcast page. His opponent in the election did not respond to invitations to be on On The Mark.

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