Congressman Keller Unsure of What’s Next After Losing District

SELINSGROVE – Its unknown what’s next for outgoing U.S. Congressman Fred Keller (R-12th, Kreamer.) He shared this Monday morning during the Rise & Shine Legislative Breakfast, hosted by the Greater Susquehanna Chamber of Commerce.

“This year, right now, I’m going to do the job that I’ve been tasked to do and then moving forward, probably still stay active in that way and I’m not sure where the good Lord will take me, but I’ll worry about that then,” he said.

Cong. Keller’s 12th U.S. congressional district was recently moved, and Keller now lives in Congressman GT Thompson’s (R-15th, Howard) 15th district,

As Cong. Thompson gets to know the area, he says he brings strong views on agriculture reform and rural broadband. Serving on the Agricultural Committee for numerous years, Thompson says a lack of broadband is hurting businesses, such as farming,

“There is 24% of rural American that does not have connectivity, zero. If we would have taken the same approach to electrification that we have been doing with broadband, there would still be parts of America that still wouldn’t be lit,” Thompson said.

Both congressmen also stated they’ll continue helping the area with its many other needs as much as possible.

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