CBS’s Expert: Trump has ‘Disruptor’ Legacy, Biden’s Challenges

SUNBURY – President Donald Trump’s legacy, and President Joe Biden’s challenges…CBS News Political Analyst Leonard Steinhorn had often stirring remarks on WKOK’s On The Mark. When asked about how President Trump’s will be remembered, Steinhorn characterized him as a ‘disruptor,’ defying the status quo and upending the norms of the presidency.

“In the long run, I think this will be seen as a time of deep division, deep polarization, fueled by the president. He didn’t make many efforts to be able to undo that, and I think it’ll be seen with an exclamation point with the terrible incident that took place at the capitol on January 6,” he said.

When asked about the upcoming impeachment trial of President Trump, Steinhorn says there’s no constitutional bar from carrying it out, “If part of the goal is to ensure that ex-President Donald Trump can no longer be a future President Donald Trump, then that would serve its purpose. Now, there may be other means and measures to do that through the 14th amendment, but the most visible one is through conviction.”

As President Biden begins his term, Steinhorn says his legacy will be determined in the first three to four months, “If America does start to turn around and regain respect around the world and if we begin to flex our economic muscle, and we begin to look back at COVID as this horrible memory but we got through it…If you see that, the Joe Biden’s presidency will probably rise in an enormous wave of good will that we’re finally out of the woods on all this.”

Steinhorn says President Biden’s response to current racial unrest will be critical as well. Hear more of Steinhorn’s remarks on the WKOK Podcast Page.

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