Sunbury Woman, Ruth Ortiz, Releases New ‘Clean’ CD Saturday

SUNBURY – A singer who lives in Sunbury now, is actually back in The Valley for the second time. Ruth Ortiz, who is about to release her second CD officially this weekend, lived in our area at Teen Challenge in the 1980s.

She says she realized then she had a gift for singing after being given a chance to sing a solo as a teen, “I realized that I enjoyed singing from the time I was a child. We all used to sing together, my brothers and sisters, growing up in church, so I know music was a part of us, of me. When I realized it was a gift, that was in my teen years.”

She says she grew up in an abusive home, but she said God impressed on her that her voice would help people heal. This is her second CD of religious songs, and this one is bi-lingual, “So, this particular CD is worshiping the Lord in two languages. And what I feel in my heart, God is doing through me, is bridging generations, and bridging cultures into worshipping him.”

She says her faith has guided her life and her music. The concert and CD release party is at Higher Hope Church this Saturday (corrected) at 2pm.

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