CSVT First Month: Truckers, Traffic Responding, Speeding Up

NORTHUMBERLAND – It’s been about a month of new traffic patterns with the addition of CSVT, and so far, the community and outside travelers and truckers have responded well. One new issue is associated with this now that there is less traffic in Northumberland on Duke Street – speeding.

Northumberland Mayor Danny Berard, “It’s like a raceway. Even the cars are sparse. So I have spoken to (Northumberland Police) Chief (Cliff) Kriner and he’s going to be setting up speed traps. You can’t do that every day all day, but there will be random times they’ll be looking for speeders,”

Mayor Berard says he just heard from a resident who claimed some motorists have been speeding up to 50 mph along Duke Street. Despite this, Berard says residents are still very happy with having less truck traffic, “People are relieved there isn’t so much truck traffic and it’s a little bit easier to make turns as you’re coming down one of the side streets onto Duke Street. Much improved.”

As far as truckers’ response, PennDOT’s Tedd Deptula has been pleased with their response to the new highway and traffic patterns, “When we first opened up the new CSVT roadway, I went to observe what traffic was doing, and a lot of the traffic I saw was truck drivers, specifically tractor trailers. So that was really interesting to see that they were some of the first traffic that were on the new highway.”

Deptula says it took about a week for all GPS apps to update themselves to include CSVT. He says crews have put up messaging boards and signs to make sure motorists use Ridge Road to access the new highway, but concerns there have subsided. Deptula says PennDOT’s Traffic Unit will likely conduct a full traffic study of CSVT before the end of the year.



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