Valley Spa Company Going ‘Strong,’ Doubling Work Force Soon

POINT TOWNSHIP, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY – One busy industry in The Valley hopes to double their workforce in the year ahead. Strong Spas, based in Point Township, Northumberland County, has 300 workers, hoping to hire 300 more. They are about to open a new manufacturing facility in Danville, and Will Greiner, the plant manager says, they aren’t just growing the company, they try to grow their workers too.

“We have great programs here for teaching English to some of our potential Spanish-speaking leaders as well as teaching managers Spanish so they can keep that communication going. We’re working to develop an in-house recovery program. We’re working with the CSIU to get a GED program going, as well as a citizenship support,” Greiner said.

Alibet Ortiz of Sunbury teaches one of the Spanish classes as a second language, “I started with the classes three weeks ago, so for now, everything is good. I’m still learning as well. I have five people in class and I give them homework and everything.”

He says Strong has a very diverse work force of many races, languages, ages, ability and experience levels. They work hard at workforce development, leadership training and a wide range of education and incentives for personal improvement.

James Jordan of Lewisburg fixes the hot tubs, “What makes this a great place is you can come in on a Saturday and anyone in here can make you smile on any given day. They either tell you a nice joke or give you a high five.”

Strong employees are also involved in numerous outside endeavors, parades, local groups. Additionally, the company has a warehouse in Bloomsburg and three outlet stores.


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