COVID: Over 24,000 New Statewide Cases, 19 Cases at USP Allenwood

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HARRISBURG – Statewide and Valley COVID-19 cases are still at their highest peak in the last two months, and an outbreak has been reported at USP Allenwood’s medium security campus.

The state Department of Health’s update shows a total of 24,748 new daily cases in the past week, which is about 2,400 more cases than last week. The spike in the state’s daily average case count in the past week rose again as well to more than 3,500, which is 400 more than the previous week.  That brings the pandemic total to 3,105,341, the number of Pennsylvanians who have contracted the disease since the start of the pandemic.

The Valley’s weekly case count also rose again in the past week, with 374 new cases reported throughout the area – that’s 45 more cases than last week’s total, which was the most in one week here since late May.  Northumberland County posted 188 new cases for a total of 24,963. Snyder County reported 68 new cases over the past week (8,684 total), while Union County adds 56 (12,478 total) and Montour 62 (5,138 total since the start of the pandemic).

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is reported COVID cases at Valley campuses for the first time in months last week, and now there is an outbreak at the USP Medium Security campus at Allenwood, with 19 inmates infected. The USP Maximum Security Campus at Allenwood has two inmate cases, and USP Lewisburg still has two inmate cases.

The health department said 97 deaths were reported throughout the commonwealth (pandemic total 46,261). There was one new death in the Valley this past week, in Northumberland County, now with 550 total deaths since the start of the pandemic. Union and Snyder County totals remain at 156 and 160, respectively, and Montour County’s death totals remain at 94.

Hospitalizations statewide this past week remained relatively the same. The state says a total of 1,190 people are hospitalized with COVID-19 (two more than listed last week), with 143 people in ICU and 47 on ventilators.

Valley hospitals remained relatively the same this past week as well. Geisinger Danville is treating 32 COVID patients, which is two more patient than last week, (nine in ICU and three on ventilators) while its Shamokin campus is still using six beds. Evangelical has six total patients, with one unvaccinated, five vaccinated. That is six fewer patients compared to last week.

Statewide vaccination rates continue to rise, according to the health department’s Wednesday update. More than 22.7 million vaccine doses have been administered. The state did recalculate its full vaccination rates for counties. Montour County has a full vaccination rate of 78.1%; Northumberland’s rate is 57.9%, Union 49.7% and Snyder 43.1%.

The Department of Human Services still lists 12 cases at the Selinsgrove Center among those receiving services and 10 among staff. There are less than five cases among staff at Danville State Hospital.

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