Book of Postcards Takes Readers on Tour of Historic Northumberland

NORTHUMBERLAND – Let’s take a tour of historic Northumberland. From Packer Island, you come into Northumberland on an old steel bridge, and then you move from building to building on King Street, Queen Street, Second Street and Duke Street. You see old homes, businesses, factories, trains, and fire apparatus, then you go back toward Sunbury on what was, at the time, the new metal bridge. So ends your tour of Northumberland in the book of postcards, ‘Northumberland 1772 – 2022.’

Margaret Weirick edited the new book, she had help from eight contributors, and they have the images from about 100 postcards along with a short description of the history in the picture, and what is at that spot now. The book is for sale and will be sold at the Norry 250th birthday bash this weekend, at the Priestley Forsyth Memorial Library, and the borough office.

Weirick said, “Anybody who looks at this will have fond memories, and even if it isn’t a place you know…it is nice to see the old houses and think how people lived back then, what were their values and how did they make it through life…it just think it’s interesting.”



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