Sunbury Rotary Club Flags for Heroes Returns, June 12 Deadline

Third Annual Flags for Heroes Display Coming Next Month

SUNBURY – The Sunbury Rotary Club continues to advocate for supporting community heroes and invites everyone is participate in their Flags for Heroes event this month. They are looking for individuals and families who will lease a flag for this event.

Victoria Rosancrans, Vice President of the Sunbury Rotary Club, says that this is the third year of the Flag for Heroes in the Merle Philips Park on Front Street in Sunbury. She says this is a national Rotary Club event held every year, but is still new to Sunbury.”

“Flags will be displayed from June 22 to July 13 and pays homage to the heroes in our lives, “It’s a time for families, friends, coworkers, whoever to honor those heroes and that could be whatever a hero means to you.”

Rosancrans also says you can find more information online at for more events and questions. It will be $50 for one flag or $150 for four flags. Deadline for sponsorships in June 12, “We contact you to get the information about the person you are honoring.”

“You can check us out on Facebook and we have all that information out there. As well as the forms that you can download and you can send in to P.O. Box 202, Sunbury, Pennsylvania. Or you can give me a call (570) 975-5591 and I can answer any question you may have,” she said.

Listen to all of Victoria Rosancrans’ comments HERE or wherever you download your podcasts.

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