No Surprise from Geisinger Doc on Latest COVID Rise

DANVILLE – No surprise COVID is on the rise…Geisinger’s Director of the Division of Infectious Disease Dr. Stanley Martin isn’t shocked to see the latest rise in COVID cases in the Valley and statewide.

“We knew of course about the sub variant, ba.2, which it does appear to be more contagious. We’re hoping we’re not going to see the same kind of surge like we saw before, but of course, none of us know for sure,” he said.

This latest rise in cases however, comes amid warmer weather and more people gathering outdoors.

But Dr. Martin says there were already plenty of factors playing a big part in the latest surge, including the school year ending, and, “The weather’s just now starting to get warmer, and as the sub variant has taken hold, we still were having colder weather. I think it’s also pretty clear a lot of us have just gotten very tired of having to be conscientious of these things and I think we’ve all become a lot more, just, lax.”

He says the best way for anyone five years-old and up to protect themselves through the latest case increase is be up to date with your booster, “Some of us, of course, are eligible for a second booster even, and in there, I’m talking about anyone who is 50 years of age or older and anybody who has a possible severe problem with their immune system.”

Dr. Martin says the increase in cases is expected to continue through the next few weeks, but then will subside in the next month. In the meantime, residents in any counties listed by the CDC in the ‘high’ category of spread should go back to indoor masking.

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