Huge Party Planned for Norry’s 250th Celebration

Northumberland Celebrates 250 Anniversary this Summer

NORTHUMBERLAND – Northumberland will be honoring its 250th anniversary with a Birthday Bash June 4-5 of this year and invite everyone to come out and help celebrate. Noelle Long, President and community organizer of and Tim Botts, Branch manager of Northumberland National Bank say this will be a wonderful, family friendly event.

Long tells us that these kinds of events are important to show the younger generation our rich history and some community togetherness before the older generation leaves us. She says this anniversary could help get them interested and active in the community.

“This is just a really great opportunity to pass that along in so many ways. A lot of these demonstrations are done by those older folks and it’s going to be a really neat way for some of the younger generations to be able to experience that in different ways, in fun ways. Hopefully they’ll be able to remember that and pass that on to their kids.”

Tim Botts, Branch Manager for Northumberland National Bank says the bank was glad to donate $10,000 to the 250th bash for the fireworks display. While they are one of the biggest sponsors of this event, Botts says more are encouraged from the Northumberland business sector to community members, “We want to put on a big display for everyone just to show the commitment to our community and, of course, for our 250 bash.”

Listen to all of Noelle Long and Tim Botts’s comments on the WKOK podcast page, or wherever you download your podcasts. Visit for more information on the celebration and more.


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