Plastics Recycler, Processor, Encina Holds Open House for Valley

Margaret Weirick and Rich Robey

Sandy Field and Sandy Heim

POINT TOWNSHIP, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY – A new plastics manufacturing facility is coming to Point Township, Northumberland County, and dozens of local residents got a chance to found out about the company Wednesday.  The Encina company staff met with the public and talked about the proposed Circular Manufacturing Facility on Route 11, near Strong Industries.

Encina CEO Dave Roesser said he was impressed with the skill set of the area labor force. These are the people who will build and run the facility He emphasized that the company focuses on sustainability; breaking down plastics for other uses, rather than plastics going into rivers and landfills. He said they will meet or exceed state and federal permit guidelines. And, from an environmental and personnel standpoint, the facility he said will be safe, “Encina plans to be a partner in the community and will be here for the long term.”

Encina is based in Texas, and has people from the region along with Roesser, working with the township, the regional area, and the state. Construction will begin in 2023 with the goal of being ready to commence operations in 2024. The construction will employ around 750 people. Three-hundred full-time employees will be hired to work at the facility.

Sandy Field, Lewisburg, and Sandy Heim, Sunbury. Had some concerns (Sandy audio) focusing on the environmental impact of the facility. Field asked questions and learned about the process that will be used which will produce carbon-dioxide emissions, among others.

Rich Robey, retired head of the North Shore Railroad mentioned that North Shore was instrumental in bringing Encina to Point Township. Senator John Gordner (R-27th, Berwick) gave kudos to Jen Wakeman of DRIVE for all of her work in making Encina a reality for the Valley and commented on this exciting opportunity. Senator Gordner said that Routes 80, 15, 11, the river, the NSRR, and the thruway were added incentives.

Margaret Weirick, a Northumberland resident spoke with an Encina staffer who told her that the facility would take 2,000 gallons per minute of water from the river which would be used and then treated before being put back into the Susquehanna. Once operational, about 100 trucks a day would be heading to the facility and about 350 cars during the week.

State Representative Lynda Schelgel-Culver (R-108th, Sunbury) and Joe Kantz, representing the North Shore Railroad were very enthusiastic about Encina. They said, with Merck phasing out by 2024, Encina will be filling a need. Many Merck employees were at the Open House.

Liz Kishbaugh, regional manager for US Senator Robert Casey, Jr (D-PA, US Sen.) attended the Open House and said the Senator is in complete support of the Encina facility which will be an economic boon to Point Township and the Central Susquehanna Valley.


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