Analyst: Court Confirmation Hearings ‘Undermining’ Faith in Courts

CBS Analyst: Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings ‘Undermining’ Faith in Courts

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Americans are losing faith in the integrity of all courts, and especially the US Supreme Court…that’s the analysis of CBS News Legal Analyst Thane Rosenbaum on WKOK Wednesday.

His comments come as historic Supreme Court nominee Kentanji Brown Jackson continues facing harsh questions and criticism from US Senators, “So when we have these kinds of hearings where they’re disrespectful, of they’re biting, in the sense of, ‘we’re really trying to parse how liberal you are or how much you’re in the tank for the Democratic party. It’s simply undermines the faith in the institution the Americans have.”

But Rosenbaum says this recent hostile behavior from senators of both political parties isn’t just something that started recently. He says it actually started during President Ronald Reagan’s tenure, during the confirmation hearing of Judge Robert Bork, “Bork was extremely qualified, but he was not confirmed, and it set us on this path of partisan divide. Then of course, we’ve had other ones…Justice (Clarence) Thomas about four or five years after that. Then of course the (Brett) Kavanaugh and even to some extent the (Amy) Coney Barrett hearings had a circus quality.”

If confirmed, Jackson would be the first black woman to serve on the Supreme Court.

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