Gov. Wolf Has Positive COVID Outlook to Area Business Leaders

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Positive COVID Outlook from Governor Wolf

HARRISBURG – Governor Tom Wolf shared an optimistic look on COVID-19 and its affect on the state with area business leaders Monday during a virtual briefing. That included members of the Central PA Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber Communications Director Jeff Shaffer says one of the topics discussed was the current worker shortage, and the governor believes a job comeback is on the way, “What he’s saying is people his age and younger have retired during COVID.”

He added, “(That) is part of the attrition we’re experiencing. He’s also seeing less people using state services. What employers can do? He thinks they just need to make their positions a little more attractive and specifically, he mentioned providing something like child care.”

Shaffer says Governor Wolf was also asked about his comfort level of COVID mitigation efforts in schools now the school mask mandate has expired, now that the governor has lost emergency declaration powers. Shaffer says the governor didn’t express any concerns.

“He did say that the focus is now on vaccines, testing, and stock piling PPE, and not so much restrictions. He said he needed those powers at the time, but doesn’t feel like he needs them now. In the future though, he said the commonwealth could be in an unhealthy position if another emergency would happen,” Shaffer said.

Shaffer also says the governor doesn’t want to be a ‘lame duck’ in his final year, and still has plenty on his agenda.


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