Capturing One’s Essence on Film, Retiring Photographer Reflects









LEWISBURG— Getting to know your subjects and gaining understanding of a person is the hallmark of a local photographer.  John Gardner, owner of the Lewisburg Studio, is selling his business after 40 years.  He says the most important thing is to capture the essence of person.

“I can get anybody to smile and I can do it so quickly that it’s a nice picture.  And, I could have made just as much money taking nice pictures of people as I could taking a lot more time and creating real works of personal, emotional artistic art,” Gardner said.

Gardner says he tries to listen and read them, “We talk about who they are, where they come from, where they were born, what their mission is, and what they love doing; what their experiences are.  And when they do this, they are not thinking about the camera.  They’re being themselves,” Gardner said.

Gardner says he will continue to do a little photography and the studio will continue on with an as yet undisclosed owner.  A retirement party is being held next Friday evening (11/26) at the Campus Theatre. You can hear more of his remarks on an upcoming WKOK Sunrise.

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