Officials: Today is Blackout Wednesday, Drunk Drivers Abound

Local Driving Safety Leaders Discuss Blackout Wednesday

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SUNBURY – “Blackout Wednesday” can lead to dangers on the road . . . According to Kimberly Smith, Safety Press Officer for PennDOT District 3, the night before Thanksgiving can be hazardous for all drivers.

She said, “They call it Blackout Wednesday. Of all the days of the year, it is the day we see the highest amount of impaired driving crashes. It has been attributed to a lot of people coming home to where they grew up and meeting with their friends at the bar. Everybody’s off for Thanksgiving, so they’re out late, they’re having some drinks with their friends and we see an increase in crashes.”

Smith joined Mike Diehl, Community Traffic Safety Organizer with the Highway Safety Network, on WKOK Sunrise recently to discuss holiday driving.

Diehl said, “Your reactionary time can slow down. Your ability to recognize danger and take action to prevent a crash is going to slow down. It goes beyond reactionary time. It goes into your fine motor skills, you ability to handle the wheel and move your foot from the gas pedal to the brake pedal. It affects the entire body.”

Smith and Diehl offered alternatives to driving home while drunk or “buzzed”.  They suggest planning for a designated driver, using a rideshare app, staying overnight or using public transportation. They also warn against walking home while drunk because there is still a risk of being arrested for public intoxication. For more information, visit You can hear more from Smith and Diehl HERE.


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