Paintin’ The Valley Pink: High Risk Clinic Helps ID Cancer Risks

Hospital’s High Risk Clinic Detects Breast Cancer Symptoms

SUNBURY – It the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we learn that genetic testing helps decipher if someone is at risk of getting breast cancer based on their genetic history. The Evangelical Community Hospital’s High Risk Clinic is designed to study patient’s genetic history, to find risk factors and genetic mutations to better detect and treat breast cancer.

Dr. John F. Turner, Medical Director at Evangelical Community Hospital, “So the High Risk Clinic involves assessment of patients with a genetic risk, but also patients who may not have a risk for genetic mutation. But because of their family history they have a calculative high risk and typically what we are speaking of is a risk of 20% or greater.”

Detecting a 20% or greater risk is important for patients to create strategies to prevent breast cancer, “They can have a different approach both in screening. For instance; with the addition of screening MRI to their mammography screening. Or have risk reductions strategies introduced with certain medications that can lower risk”

Dr. Turner assesses The High Risk Clinic can help patients understand their background and plan for the future, “When the patient is offered consult in the High Risk Clinic, they’re going to typically see me but then I will also typically involve genetics and medical ecology in the assessments and long range planning for the patient.”

You can hear more about the High Risk Clinic from Dr. Turner on the WKOK podcast page.   His appearance on WKOK Sunrise was part of WKOK and the Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation initiative, Paint The Valley Pink. You can get more details at


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