PennLive Report: Valley Arrests for Child Sex Abuse

WILLIAMSPORT (PennLive) – PennLive is reporting… Three men have been arrested in a federal sting operation into child exploitation in central Pennsylvania.

Ordered detained Monday by U.S. Middle District Magistrate Judge William I. Arbuckle were Erick D. Metzger and Patrick V. Taylor. He issued the same order Friday for Frank A. Nork.  The three were charged by criminal complaint, with the only information made public being the charge of “attempted enticement of a minor to engage in sexual activity and prostitution.”

Metzger and Nork were arrested in Union County and Taylor in Snyder County reportedly when they arrived for a pre-arranged meeting. FBI agents signed the complaints.  Preliminary hearings have been scheduled for the three but it is likely they will be indicted before they occur.  The U.S. attorney’s office declined comment but an attorney for one of those charged said the case is under seal.

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