August 211 Report: Rent, Electric and Housing Still Top Needs

WILKES-BARRE – Rent, help with electric bills and calls about other housing issues are still top needs around the Valley as residents continue dialing 2-1-1 for assistance. Family Service Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania, who’s been sending out the monthly 2-1-1 reports, says 141 contacts from the Valley were made in August.

2-1-1 is a statewide one call clearinghouse service for human and social service opportunities, funding help and other aid.   Across the northeastern Pennsylvania region, over 2,200 contacts were made; of those contacts, over 600 were for rent, over 500 were for various housing needs, and over 200 were for electric utility help.

Among those Valley contacts, 14 from Union County were for what’s described as ‘listening calls.’ The association says those are simply calls people can make who just need to talk.  Valley totals:

  • Union – 30 contacts made in August; 14 listening calls, 8 housing, 7 rent
  • Snyder – 27 contacts made; 8 rent, 14 housing
  • Northumberland – 69 contacts made; 28 rent, 15 electric utility assistance, 12 housing, 11 food pantry
  • Montour – 15 contacts made; 11 rent, three various housing needs

Total northeast PA region – 2,212 contacts made; 691 rent, 288 community shelters, 223 housing needs, 216 electric utility assistance

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